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The white pine lumber is the leading material in the woods construction material. The lumber is made for the well known white pines found mostly in America.

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The pine which dominates the world in economic is the white pine. Concisely the Eastern white pine best know in scientific world as the Pinus Strobes. They are mostly found in the New York, New England, in Canada and some other places in America. Those pines can stay more than 300 years. The white pine lumber found today is young and smaller than the original ones.

When the settlers went to America the white pine lumber were cut to build houses. Others were taken to Europe to be used there because the lumber was hard to be found. However the white pine was about to be extinguished and now there is a program for reforestation the same as the red pine. Other pines had got importance because the white pine is not easy found, some are even cultivated. The white pine lumber was give the preference because it is beautiful, workable and does not shrink.

The white pine lumber can be gotten in custom size and can be used as sheets, floor or panels. If you need more than one lumber they will be packed and send to you. The heart on the white pine is a brown with reddish lines and the outsider is a white with yellowish touch but as the time pass it become a golden color.

The white pine lumber grades are bought according to their characteristics because the pine can be damaged during the cutting, during the drying or during the storage. Some may be spoiled but not to the length of being thrown away so they are sold as lesser quality. Those which had been spoiled beyond the usability are thrown away. Those which have no deformity are bought as grade one. But the natural deformities like the colors and the black knots are not factors for grading.

The grading system is used to protect the consumer not to protect the industry, because it is based on what the customers want and not what the seller want. In grading the C refers to the white pine lumber which has small defects like mismatching colors, or cut marks. Sometime they may have some blue stains or coffee stains but they should be at a small area. The D grading refers to the same defects as the C grade but in D the defects are more pronounced sometime with torn grain.

Another common grading system of the white pine lumber is the use of Finish for the lumber which is used to highlight the natural features and can be painted to give a good smooth painted surface. The premium is used for the lumber used when a surface needs to be rough than smooth. The standard grade is used to make coarse appearance; in this grading the lowest grade is the industrial where the user does not care about strength nor the appearance of the white pine lumber.


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