Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Applications

The discovery of southern yellow pine lumber is quite interesting since the discoverer is some colonists at Williamsburg. The material is well known for durability and versatility that has been applied in decks, buildings, home and so on. These constructions should be designed to meet standard of beauty, durability and sturdy. The characteristic of southern yellow pine lumber is really attractive with stunning light color of natural brightening up home.

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The factors make it reasonable to get high value of constructions by the means of yellow pine lumber. Sturdiness is everything in the making of home but appearance also plays great role to make the building more aesthetic with natural color of the lumber.

The southern yellow pine lumber comes in various ranges of quality. For the top notch quality, the yellow pine lumber always comes with knot fee. The kiln is always dried to 12% humidity content. Other quality pine lumber can be seen in appearance of small knots with proper space. it is perfect for decoration, since the pattern of knots in lumber is attractive and the attractive natural color adds amazing value for everyone when observing it. Its kiln is dried into fifty percent of humidity content. The southern yellow pine lumber is perfect material to decorate home lovely. The floorings with yellow pine lumber are always attractive and radiate beauty look all over room.

When you expect to have groove and tongue paneling, exterior siding and rough sawn. The southern yellow pine lumber is right materials to make tools and kits. It gains popularity among customers for its special characteristics in the making of some hard tools. Yes, the existence of southern yellow pine lumber contributes much to the developing colonist at the time. Nowadays its legendary still present to many people with the same characteristic of sturdiness and attractive appearance which coming up from natural color of yellow. Among high quality softwoods, the Southern Yellow Pine is the best material used. It can conduct nail holding to grasp fasteners. Its ability is well known surpassing other softwoods.

Southern yellow pine lumber is used to make any appliances because it offers durability that can be used long time. It is very resistant to wear and perfect use for patios, decks and floorings. As one of the simplest softwood, the yellow pine lumber offers treatability to provide treat for preservations. Consequently the treated yellow pine lumber becomes the biggest part of pine market. What’s more the yellow pine lumber is specially designed to meet the greatest standard containing SPIB rules. It guarantees quality to make customers rely on this product.

Of course it will require right optional dimensional stability in storage. In fact the wood is composed of organic cells that look like sponge containing water. The final process is then required in the making of Southern Yellow Pine. The water is drained out from the fiber of wood and consequently it will shrink. However when it is immersed into water, it subsequently swells. The characteristics make the southern yellow pine lumber to be reliable material in constructing any kits.


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