Knotty Pine Lumber Types

If you want to build a house with the nuance of western and country theme, it is better for you to rely on knotty pine lumber. It will help you back to past situation where peace and nature are great factor of comfort feeling at home.

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Have you ever seen the knotty pine trees, they look different with large defects which create unique pattern when applied on walls. The knotty pine lumber can be applied for cabinetry and walls for making the home décor more enchanting. It also has unique scent which is strongly enough to recognize as characteristic voice.  The knotty pine materials are available in a wide range of forms.

The use of knotty pine lumber cannot be applied in main structural buildings because it is originally characterized as material with soft wood. The knots on the pine tree will be easily breakable. When the knotty pine is used for decorating internal home design, you will finally see beauty design of home. Therefore it will be exaggerated when the material is too much use. In fact this typical material can be easily found in cabins and some other rustic homes. The quality of knotty pine is then being imitated by a lot of customers to make the synthetic replicate for affordability.

The trees of knotty pine lumber lies on the northern area and the remains love in southern area. The total number of the species reaching to more than a hundred plants of knotty pine. The trees have green conifers and high resin which contributes to unique odor that people can easily identify. What’s more the sap can be designed into turpentine and other products. Some types of knotty pine three come with grayish bark and scaly bark with the needle on it. The three has growth characteristic of outward instead of upward. The interesting thing which is difficult to answer is how the knots in the knotty pine three are formed.

The Quality is the key to select the best knotty pine lumber in the market line. The pine lumber is the final step of designing. What’s more people who haven’t dealt with this material will be surprised with beauty look of lumber but get disappointed with the fragility of lumbers. Being harvested in forest land management, it will assure you the quality of the knotty pine lumber. The lumber is dried with minimum wet content to get rid of cracking and shrinking. This condition will lead to long-lasting use. The versatility and simplicity make it possible to be easily installed for decoration as well as being applied at cabin.

When you want to go for beautiful and unique lumber, the knotty pine lumber could be reliable answer. It is perfect to apply on kitchen, bedroom, living room, Underground room’s wall and dens. Whatever it is, when you want to decorate home, this material could help you anyway. In short, the knotty pine lumber is well applied into cabin and masts but when you go for home interior design, it can be solution anyway.


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