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Pine lumber is obtained from pine trees, which is usually cut into boards or dimensional lumber. The pine lumbers are soft in nature. The boards are used for constructing shelves, furniture and flooring. There are four prime types of pine lumber used in construction of buildings.

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An eastern white pine lumber is soft wood and usually lightweight. Sugar pine lumber is a multipurpose material that is widely used in building interiors and exteriors. A southern pine lumber, which is also called a yellow pine lumber, is commonly used in United States.

There are nearly 115 different species of pine trees found on the earth. They are categorized as coniferous trees where the seeds are stocked in the cones of these trees before distribution. The leaves of these coniferous trees are generally thin like a needle and do not fall during autumn season. A pine lumber can be easily cut from these pine trees and they are less dense than deciduous trees. The wood obtained from pine trees is called softwood and the woodfrom deciduous trees are called hardwood. Pine trees grow faster and are found abundant in large number of forests on earth.

Hence, the pine lumbers are made in large quantities, which make them popular for construction requirements. They are also less expensive than wood from deciduous trees. A pine lumber is mainly used for framing residential construction and constructions involving small structures. The pine lumbers’ height range from 8 to 12 feet and have relatively shorter widths. Mostly the dimensional lumbers are used for framing constructions. A lumber of dimension 2×4 is generally used for studs and wall supports. The pine lumbers having dimensions 2×10 and 2×12 are used as joists to support roofs and floors.

You can make a catamaran using a lump of pine lumbers. They are piled together to make a catamaran that can easily float on water. The pile of lumbers tied together float on water due to their lightweight and can transport small loads. Southern yellow pine lumber has a beautiful color and texture and North America uses it widely for flooring. A pine lumber is also used as cabinet lumber, flooring, beams, vintage wood furniture and wood paneling.

Being a native of North America, white pine is popular for its durability. The woods are harvested in many distinct grades and each of them is used for different purposes. The pine trees of this kind can live from 200 to 400 years if they are not cut for lumber. They consist of very few knots, which can be removed easily. A white pine lumber was initially used in ship masts, as it is a single tall tree yielding straight lumber ideal for holding flags.

North Eastern Lumber Manufacturers Association generally grades the lumbers as C and D. The highest grade of pine lumber is C and it is used in woodworking and interior rectification. Grade D lumbers do not have fine appearance but they look similar in structure.


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